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At Herbal Pet Supplies, we are a company inspired by all things natural, offering a holistic and healthy approach to caring for your pets.

We specialise in creating homeopathic, herbal and natural products from the highest quality, natural ingredients, to compliment a healthier lifestyle for your pet. Our wide range of products covers everything from natural alternatives to harsh flea and parasite preventatives, to dietary supplements and bathing products that are sure to leave your beloved four-legged friend feeling pampered and smelling delicious!

Built upon a lifetime of love for animals , we work alongside a trusted family of creative herbalists have continued to develop our knowledge of alternative herbal products to help further our philosophy of helping animals live healthy lives.

Have a browse around our online shop, check out our social media communities and find out more about us from those who have first-hand experience of our products, our service and the Herbal Pet Supplies lifestyle.

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Please note, All products are safe if licked or digested.  Products are suitable for all animals, unless otherwise specified. Where a pipette is included, each recommended measure is a FULL pipette (0.8ml) unless otherwise stated. For animals under 8 weeks 1/2 measure applies.

All products are safe for mating, pregnant or nursing pets.

Bespoke Tonics & Support Powders

We can also create products especially for your pet. If you require a bespoke support or powder, please email for assistance. Prices and sizes will be the same as the regular stocked support powders & tonics.

Please note that Herbal Pet Suppliers is not an authorised or licensed medical supplier, we create herbal solutions to help support your pet’s healthy lifestyle, we can not provide recommendations or solutions for adverse health conditions. If your pet is unwell, please consult your vet.

E: info@herbalpetsupplies.co.uk