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5 Tips To Detangle Dog Hair

How do you clean your dog’s fur without having to spend hours on it? Here are 5 easy tips that will help you to detangle dog hair as well as keep your dog’s coat knot-free and smelling fresh.

As a dog parent with fur babies, you probably have experience with matting. Suddenly, your canine friends are full of hair clumps that can be a nightmare to undo. Not to mention how unappealing they look.

Dogs with long and curly hair are prone to matting, which can lead to health issues. Some health conditions to watch out for include skin irritations, bruising, and poor blood and air circulation.

The good news is you don’t have to rush to the dog groomer every time your pets experience matting. There are numerous home remedies you can use to untangle their hair and remedy the situation. You can detangle the clamps and knots at home with the right tools and detangling agents. More so, you can make a natural detangler for dogs with sensitive skin. Today, we’ll show you how to detangle dog hair. Here are our 5 best natural remedies for matted dog hair to try today:

1. Have good products on hand

To make the de-matting and detangling process easier on both you and your dog, arm yourself with the best products for the job. Herbal Pet Supplies finishing and detangle spray will help to loosen the hair caught up in mats and tangles. Since you’ll need to bathe your dog after you remove mats and tangles, have Herbal Pet Supplies pet-friendly shampoo and conditioners on hand, our favourite is Bless You Shampoo as it’s a natural formula made for the most sensitive skin.

2. Use your fingers

This works, especially if you get to it before the fur is completely tangled. Start to work your way up by pulling and easing the fur apart a little at a time. This will take quite a lot of painstaking effort, but your hard work should eventually pay off. If you can’t break through the mat after working on it for a considerable amount of time, use a mat splitting tool to cut through the mat. Be sure to cut in the direction the hair grows.

3. Use your brush

You should use a brush when you have removed as many tangles as possible. If you have mats, brush a few hairs at a time to separate them from the rest, brush in the direction the hair grows, adding more finishing and detangle spray if necessary to loosen the hairs.

4. Bath your dog

Once you have removed as many of the mats and detangled as much as you can, give your dog a bath. Be sure all the mats and tangles are gone before you wet your dog, as water will make a tangle worse and a mat tighter and harder to get out. Use a natural and gentle Shampoo to get your dog clean, and follow with a good quality Conditioner to help ensure mats and tangles don’t develop as you are drying your dog. We recommend Herbal Pet Supplies Vit E Pet Conditioner as it has added vitamins to support your dogs coat.

5. Prevent problems

To help prevent mats and tangles from coming back, apply Detangler & Shine Spray to your dog’s coat after the fur has dried. Our Finishing & Detangle Spray is a natural and effective spray that will leave your pet’s coat shiny & clean.

Final Thoughts – Let’s Detangle Dog Hair Together!

If your dog’s coat has been neglected and it has a particularly bad case of matting or tangling, they may need to go to a professional groomer for a clip or a shave. If you have a good pair of clippers, know how to use them, and are willing to invest the time needed, then you can do this yourself.

Clipping the coat to a very short length will enable you to start over and help prevent mats and tangles from forming in the first place.

Keeping your dog’s fur clean and neat is easy when you use the right products and tools, and knowing the dog grooming process will help you to keep tangles and mats away, even if your dog is prone to them. The extra effort will make your dog happy, and I’m sure the end result will please you too.

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