Claires Lyme Disease Journey

The warmest of welcomes to our Herbal Family

I am very passionate about my business, assisting  thousands of animals, pets and people without the use of drugs and man made chemicals ,  I spend the large amount of my time  talking to people about the health and wellbeing of their pets and themselves, passing on the 10 years of knowledge i have gained whilst fighting Lyme Disease and numerous co-infections

I thought I would share with you my story on how I treated  Lyme disease without the use of pharmaceutical drugs ,I have come a long way in the last 10 years, at one point I thought my life had ended, now I realise I experienced the horrors of Lyme, to gain knowledge to help others

Here is my story:

I woke up one morning in November 09 and couldn’t move my neck, I just assumed I had slept in a strange position, little did I know this was the downward spiral of Lyme disease taking effect on my body, my whole being started to ache, at that time I believed in my GP and the medical profession, they were insistent i had a fibromyalgia type illness and would be crippled with RA at some stage… I was given anti inflammatory medication, steroid injections and a chemotherapy drug called methotrexate, I thought I was dying, something told me they had it wrong, 10 months later I researched alternative therapies, I had to find a way to get better , my homeopath who I truly believed saved my life, I literally crawled into her office in such a state I could hardly function, she hooked me up to biores machine and there we found Borella bacteria present in my nervous system, this explained my loss of memory, stuttering and slurring of words , I was also severely deficient in magnesium , Lyme depletes your vitamins and minerals, so then we began the clearing of Lyme or so we thought, I was doing well, then relapsed , so it was back to the drawing board. at this point I could not dress myself, lift my arms or legs , I couldn’t get into shower or bath or wash my hair, my daughter who was 6 at the time was dressing me, I wanted to die, we then found out that Borella covers its self in biofilm when invaded by medication or treatments, so a new protocol was started where I took biofilm breakers, and I have not looked back, it took me about 4 months to clear the bacteria, each week, each month I grew stronger, In December2012 I was able to join the gym and slowly work on regaining my strength, it was a long hard road but the belief and the love for my children got me back to health. I am now running a successful business and life is very good, but I will never ever forget the 2 half years of my life that Lyme destroyed, My mission now is to help others, with my guidance and experience it has become very rewarding part of my career

if anyone thinks they may have Lyme Disease and are struggling with a diagnosis and treatment, please send over an email, we will provide you with the details on the clinic we recommend for testing and treatments

Lots of Herbal Love

Claire, and of course big kisses from the “boss” our gorgeous Riley

32 thoughts on “Claires Lyme Disease Journey

  1. Hi – I have a question – what do you use the “silver” drops, spray for ?
    Also you mention using a pipette to give out liquid into food – where can we get some pipettes and how much to give please ?
    kind regards
    Val Stevens

  2. Hi, my dog had cruciate ligament surgery yesterday. The surgeon is only going to be given painkillers and antibiotics. Nothing to keep him calm. He is a big boystrus guy. Do you have any products that would help calm him over the next few weeks to allow him to heal ?

  3. You are an inspiration Claire, just goes to show you shouldn’t put all your faith in traditional medicine. Being pagan I am very open to alternatives and always have been (alongside medical)
    My niece contracted Guillian Barre Syndrome three years ago, took her over a year to partially recover enough to go back to work. She still has residues of the disease (slight paralysis of her eye and mouth, fatigue and painful feet. We think she has recovered as best she can, but I am now wondering if you think something herbal may help her.
    I know how busy you are so please don’t worry if you do not have time to answer.

  4. Just tracked you down after HUGE amount of research to try and get on top of my little dogs grim reflux. I think the PH powder might just do it to balance out her home cooked diet. Problem…I’m only in this country for one more week then decamp back to Spain. Can I order and spend a lot on postage to get it to me here in time or can you post to Spain?
    From a desperate Rosie and her ‘at her wits end’ Mum ! ??

  5. Hi,

    I got the Mutts Nuts for my nearly 5 month old flat coat that I want to show. Am I supposed to add water to it? I’ve been putting it on his food and then adding a little water to it but it doesn’t say on the packet whether I should do that.


  6. Hi, Would the Herbal Gum Gel be any good for an old dog with recurrant Lip fold Pyoderma? She has it constantly and we have tried all sorts of different things from washing with Colloidal silver, coconut oil, leucillin etc to treating with a tincture of Myrrh.

  7. hi, i ordered some more Mutts Nuts on Monday, just wondering when it will be dispatched? Last time was really quick so i waited but he’s now run out.

  8. hello, can I ask where your products are sourced and are they cruelty free?

  9. Good Afternoon:

    I have just placed the order 8981 and would like to add something to it??

    I would like 500ml No More Bites. Can we add this to my order?

    Lorraine Heucke

  10. Hi I ordered some goods on the website and order was complete on 7th September but haven’t had delivery yet . Please let me know Thanks

  11. Hi ya do you have anything to help settle bad tummys?

  12. Hiya,

    my pregnant frenchie has really started chewing her feet & I have been reluctant to give or use anything on her but just wondering if the paw pad & toes could be used whilst she is carrying?


  13. Hi could you please confirm you received my order number 8993 placed on 15/9/17. The payment has gone from my account but I have not received a confirmation of my order by email. Many thanks

  14. Hi question about chill drops is it still 1 to 5 for large dogs eg dobermans

  15. Acid Reflux in Cats

    Hi there, would you recommend any of your products for Acid Reflux in cats. My Peter is 18, and has always had this condition, he doesn’t do it all the time, but at least once a week, he deposits regurgitated food straight after eating. I have tried hair ball paste over the years, as he’s a long haired cat.
    Be great to hear from you.

  16. Hi could you help me I have a 13 week old white cavachon puppy who started to get a bit of eczema
    Can you recommend any thing please

  17. Hi need help with my border collie, she has a problem on her lower legs and feet all feet are white fur but her skin is pink and red, they do not appear to be sore but do irritate at times , this has only just started to happen could you advise a cream or wash can send photo if needed.

  18. Hi

    Does the no more bites kill existing fleas please

  19. Hello Herbal Pet Supplies,
    I am wanting to order a small Chill Drops please for my Cocker Spaniel in readiness for all of the fireworks. Unfortunately your website is not allowing me to place an order. Would I be able to place my order any other way ?

    Thank You Pauline

  20. Hi
    I have a very nervous cockapoo leading up to 5th Nov. I’ve bought Chill Drops and would like to know if I can add to her drinking water and if so how much per day.
    Also how much in a day is the maximum she can have?
    I’ve also bought Pearly whites, is it ok to give her this on her two meals a day?
    Many thanks

  21. Ꮇy paгtner and I stumbled over herе different web page and thouɡht I might aѕ well
    check tһings out. I ⅼike what I see so i am just
    folloᴡing you. Looҝ forward to checking out
    your web paɡe yet agaіn.

  22. Hi
    I’m looking to buy some ‘Silver cream’… I cant seem to take it any further than selecting the size of pot… do you have any in stock please? I’d like to buy some as soon as possible …
    many thanks

  23. Please can you help my dog has lip fold pyaderma I have been recommended to buy a product off your site but I don’t know which one . Kind regards Annette

  24. Hi, I have just started ordering your products, I am now officially hooked!! 🙂 I am going on holiday to a hot country in a few weeks and only taking had luggage therefore I am restricted in what liquid toiletries I take. Can you recommend some products that would be a good replacement to the usual shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, sun protection (?) body moisuriser etc?
    Many thanks.

  25. Hi, I received my order today, loosen up devils claw tincture . It appears a lot lighter in colour than usual have the ingredients/ dilution changed?
    Kind regards

  26. It was very interesting to read about Lyme Disease Journey and delighted you are well t.g.

    I use a homeopath for my health and was brought back to health from a bad dose of pneumonia some years ago !
    I have placed an order for my dogs and am looking forward to using the products!!

  27. Hi thank you received my order today so we’ll packaged brilliant looking forward to trying Bless you ??

  28. Hi I have just ordered chill drops for my six year old son as he has major sleep issues is there a particular dosage to give

  29. Hi I am interested in No More Bites. I would prefer to do drops as suggested once a week. However, my dog has been treated for uveitis, (an inflammation of the eyes). Is there any information as to whether or not the smell could affect this condition? We do not know the cause of the uveitis, but am wary not to use any chemicals or perfumes near our dog, just in case it causes irritation. Also, I’m a little reluctant to place an order as I cannot see any email contact information for you, do you have any contact info. I was recommended your product.

  30. hi there
    our email address is
    this product will be fine to use , use the pipette to dropper along the spine , or if you prefer spray in the same area
    herbal pet supplies team

  31. Use lots of Herbal products, from powders and no more bits for my dog, to eco cleaners, powder up tonic, easy move tonic and Vit E cream for myself. The Power up tonic definitely helped my immune system, Easy move tonic is amazing for ageing aches and pains, Won’t use any other face cream that Vit E, and the must have magic in a tub Silver Cream. I’ve used Claire’s products since she started many years ago with animal products, many of my friends are also hooked especially with the tonics & silver cream.

  32. Bought a few things from here and all have worked, recently I bought the Pardon me powder for my dog who had an upset stomach for couple weeks that would not settle, after giving this to him for just 2 days he is so much better, really fantastic stuff, highly recommend.

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