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Keeping Your Pet Safe In The Summer

Summer is a great time to get out and have fun with our pets! However, there are some things you should do to keep your pet safe in the Summer! Some pets, such as dogs, can sweat a little, but that’s not enough to cool them down. Here’s what you can do to help!


All dogs can get sunburned, but dogs with a short/light-coloured coat are more at risk. Sunburns can be very painful and could lead to skin cancer with too much exposure, it’s important to apply Sun Cream to your pets if they’re in the sun just like we would for ourselves.

Keeping paws cool

Some surfaces become really hot in the summer. It can be painful for dogs and could cause damage to their paws and can make them overheat. Try to keep your dog on grass when taking them on walks in the summer. If you do find your dog’s paws are in need of some attention make sure you attend to it sooner rather than later, we highly recommend placing our soothing Paws For Applause in the fridge and applying twice a day.


If your dog hasn’t been checked at the vets, they are more likely to get a disease from parasites. Make sure your dog is protected before letting them play outdoors, we use our No More Bites solution, you can either use neat and place drops along the back of the spine or dilute with 5 parts water and spray all animals and furnishings/bedding, daily. (Vacuum furnishings 30 minutes after spraying if infested to remove dead parasites).

Hot cars

Never leave your dog in a hot car. They could suffocate or have heat stroke. Try to leave your dog at home on hot days, but if you can’t, make sure you bring enough water for them and make sure they always have access to fresh air.

Water and Shade

Dogs get hot and thirsty more easily than humans. They don’t really have a way of cooling down other than panting. Keep your dog in the shade as much as possible and let them drink lots of water.

Conclusion – Let’s help keep your pet safe in the Summer!

Summer can be fun for the whole family but make sure you pay attention to your dog and help them to be as comfortable as possible. Want to know more about keeping your pets safe this Summer contact us directly or join our FREE Facebook community to get more insights from either our team or other members.


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