Bless You Shampoo

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Bless You Shampoo for the most sensitive pets

This shampoo cleans the coat (which may remove allergens) while not stripping natural oils. Use as often as required.

Recommended to use alongside our products Bless You Honey! and Power Up  Powders.

Ingredients: Coconut based surfactant, Aqueous tinctures of Melon & Cucumber, Maldon Sea Salt

Directions: Wet fur, massage into the coat , rinse well

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18 reviews for Bless You Shampoo

  1. lizziedog

    Lovely smell and soft shiny coat.
    best I’ve ever used on her

  2. Paula

    I bought Bless You Shampoo after much deliberation about pet store shampoo’s, baby shampoo or not washing at all!
    I felt confident that a herbal pet shampoo was the better choice and ordered through Herbal Pet Supplies.
    I love the coconut scent and would definitely recommend Herbal Pet Supplies products (I have since purchased the Silver Cream, Ear Ya Go drops and Bright Eyes)

  3. Claire

    Love this shampoo. Bought it to help my itchy dog and it works with such a lovely smell(cherry & vanilla) and soft and shiny coat too. So glad to have found your products!

  4. Avababy

    Love this shampoo works wonders for my dog who suffers allergies the scents are too die for I wash my own hair with this too ?

  5. tracy ramsay

    I was my dogs and our hair in this I’ve used a few scents and all are fabulous powderpuff and palma violet still my favourite on my chihuahua not sure he agrees but he smells Devine xx

  6. Ayesha

    This is amazing for my dog who has sensitive skin and ends up with flakes and scabs when anything else is used. Also use it on myself when my supply runs out and it’s equally amazing.

  7. Ayesha

    Smells fab and my dogs coat has never been in such peak condition.

  8. girls

    Gentle shampoo which still cleans my liver and white spaniel beautifully. Her coat is soft, no skin irritation at all despite sometimes needing daily bath. Her white fur is bright white, the liver parts are richly shiny and lustrous. It matters well and rinsed easily. All the scents I have tried are lovely
    … at the moment spiced Apple and cinnamon is my favourite ..

  9. Soniaskye

    My dog smells amazing and itches so much less.. Can’t get enef of the smell

  10. Loola33

    Smells amazing iv bought in cinnamon, coconut and palma violet cant pick a favourite they all smell great. Makes my dogs coat clean and soft. No irritated skin and lathers up nicely too.

  11. Chelsea malcolm

    This shampoo is great for my pups sensitive skin. I love the powderpuff scent! it leaves their coat smelling so good.

  12. jesimaca

    I love this shampoo and all the scents it comes in. Froths up well and my dogs and cat are so soft afterwards. Nice and gentle for my dog with allergies and also for myself ?

  13. KellyBoo

    My Bearded Collie (lots of long fur) feels and smells amazing after using this shampoo. Lathers well, rinses out easily. Kind on my hands too. Wouldn’t use anything else now x

  14. Katie Forrester

    This shampoo helps my dog with his itchy skin, really calms it down and the scent is amazing (winter berries)

  15. Laura Cole

    This is the best shampoo I have ever tried on my rescue and my mums bichon, he is soft, fluffy and so much more easy to brush with this shampoo, he also has very sensitive skin and this is fantastic for him.

  16. Lynn

    Skye loves to roll in all sorts. After her bath she smells amazing and I know it won’t harm her with it all being natural.

  17. Shannon Treadwell

    Beautiful shampoo, can smell it for days after, even when brushing and straightening!

  18. Hayley

    I use this for all 3 of my dogs and also when my rabbit needs ‘a bum bath’ ! My son uses it for his 2 dogs, 2 ferrets and his sphynx cat too. I’ve used numerous different scents and haven’t been disappointed yet !
    Definitely worth using on our animals delicate skin x

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