Bright Eyes

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Soothing eye cream.

Can assist with unblocking lower ducts that cause tear staining and encourage upper lids to produce tears to soothe dry eyes.

Contains: vitamin e based cream, aqua mel, witch hazel arnica

Instructions for use: massage into closed lids and stained fur around the eyes twice daily (please note whilst the ducts unblock and clear, staining may appear worse) use twice weekly to prevent further episodes.

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4 reviews for Bright Eyes

  1. Beaufrogz2016

    Only been using this on my single hooded pied girl for a couple days and it’s starting to clear up already ??

  2. Kati

    My girl has dry eye and the vet had prescribed optimmune and artificial tears. I’m not a fan of long term prescriptions and prefer more natural remedies and had tried a couple of other natural remedies with no luck at helping. This stuff helps calm her eyes and moisturizes them. Her dry eye has improved so I will continue to use this to support her tear production and hopefully keep her dry eye stabilized. So far, very happy with this product!!! Always happy to incorporate natural products!!

  3. Deborah Haslam

    Really pleased with the results, used along side raw food and filtered water, the stains have pretty much disappeared. Highly recommended x

  4. JulieG

    I had dry eye and used this along with the drops. I didn’t want to use anything other than a herbal remedy and this worked beautifully. I still use it once a week purely as a precautionary measure and to maintain good eye health. Would highly recommend.

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