Ear Ya Go! Powder

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Ear ya go! Powder 120ml glass jar

Ear ya go! Powder for healthy upper ears.

Contains: Titanium clay, calcium carbonate, clove granules, cinnamon within a soya flour base.

Instructions for use: Apply a pinch into each ear twice daily until ears are clear. Can be continued once a week as a part of your petŐs healthy lifestyle.

***TIP: Great for coating the hairs within the ears before they are professionally removed.**

*Please note if your dog has any issues with their ears, where our ear drops or ear powders are being used, do NOT use the astringent based cleaner until after the issue has cleared


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3 reviews for Ear Ya Go! Powder

  1. tkruger

    My dog suffered with red itchy ears from time to time. I decided to buy the powders and i’m so glad i did. One application and the next morning no more redness. He didn’t have any visible signs that his ears were mucky inside and he usually has very clean ears but i noticed that by using the powders for 7 days every day and then once weekly i apply a pinch to each ear and this seems to bring any muck up and keeps them from itching. Before using the powders he used to scratch at his ears and he doesn’t do this anymore. The powders smell good too.

  2. tracy ramsay

    My dogs often get itchy smelly ears and sound wet especially in the summer these powders work great and soothes there ears in a instant thank you claire once again x

  3. Loola33

    Few pinches in the ears n wow the difference the next day was amazing. I started to use a small brush to apply it . A little definitely goes a long way. Thank u Claire xx

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