Full Beam

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Full beam

Herbal eye drops for healthy eyes, 100ml.

A gentle eye drop with ionic silver. Widely used in humans and animals for over a century, colloidal silver has been proven to be effective against hundreds of bacterium. Our Full beam eye drops may also be used as a general eye wash.

Contains: Colloidal silver & gold, chamomile, aqua & fennel extracts.

Instructions for use: Apply a few droplets once a day to closed lid with cotton pad, or drop directly into eye and wipe with clean pad. Full beam eye drops can continue to be used once a week as part of your pets healthy lifestyle.


100ml bottle supplied with a SCREW CAP if you require a pipette please purchase from our lids section

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NATURAL HERBAL PREPARATIONS MAY DIFFER IN COLOUR, SCENT & TEXTURE FROM BATCH TO BATCH. Even when using natural products a reaction can occur, if so please seek advice from a medical practitioner immediately.


8 reviews for Full Beam

  1. claire_louise_moore@hotmail.com

    I was a little worried about my Cocker spaniels red eyes and decided to give this a go! So glad I did! It took all the redness away and is really easy to use! Would definitely recommend!!

  2. Wendy

    Delighted with this product. My white dog had constant runny eyes and ingrained tear stains that wouldn’t shift despite spending ££££ on countless products that didn’t work and eye drops from the vet. Now his eyes don’t run anymore and the tear stains are hugely improved. Thank you Claire 🙂

  3. Daisytom

    Both dogs had gunky eyes but within a week of using this it has been significantly reduced. Also very effective at removing tear stains, thank you!!

  4. Clare

    Absolutely love this product! My one dog has quite sensitive eyes, easily get sore from every day dust etc. He has a drop in each eye every morning and then again if required in the day. His eyes look great, not red and sore anymore. I’ve also used them on myself when I’ve had itchy/sore eyes and they’re so soothing, I’d forgotten I even had itchy eyes after around half an hour! They last ages too! Thank you for such a gentle but effective product x

  5. JulieG

    I had dry eye and used this along with the cream. I didn’t want to use anything other than a herbal remedy and this worked beautifully. I still use it once a week purely as a precautionary measure and to maintain good eye health. I also use it when my Dogs eyes are watery/gooey. Clears them up really quickly and the biggest bonus is that it is all natural. Would highly recommend.

  6. Sara Freestone

    I bought this product after my senior dog was suffering with red eyes. Popped in some drops and they cleared up fairly quickly. Feel much happier using these products rather than over the counter products. Thoroughly recommend.

  7. Babylion@healthypetland.info

    My little yorkie has problems with eye infections and allergies and this is helping to keep it under control. It really clears up his eyes and reduces the amount of discharge.

  8. Pauline Preston

    One of my guinea pigs had runny eyes (not red or sore just watery) but since using this they have completely cleared up.

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