Finishing & Detangle Spray

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Finishing and Detangle Spray

A natural but effective spray that will leave your pets coat shiny & clean. Use alone to freshen the coat between washes or with any of our Shampoo & Conditioner for outstanding results.

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Contains: Aqueous extracts of camomile, coconut extracts, aqua, and our unique blend of scented oil

Instructions for use: Spray directly onto coat, no need to rinse. this spray can also be used to freshen your dogs bedding or blankets

SUPPLIED WITH A SCREW LID – if you require a spray top please purchase separately


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19 reviews for Finishing & Detangle Spray

  1. messymare

    I absolutely love these sprays for my GSD it makes her cost soft and she smells great afterwards. Her own little bit of pampering x

  2. messymare

    I absolutely love these sprays for my GSD it makes her coat soft and she smells great afterwards. Her own little bit of pampering x


    Love these and they smell amazing!! Think my fave is palma violet!!!

  4. xjindy

    love these sprays, it makes the coat lovely & soft & also smells amazing for days x

  5. catherine

    This left my dogs coats beautifully soft and very easy to brush. I will definitely be using this on a regular basis

  6. xscrunchee

    Palma violet is almost too good. I could t stop sniffing her! Lol
    Not sure what one I want to try next. Pina colada maybe or perhaps white musk. Too many to choose from! 😉

  7. tracy ramsay

    Yet again another fantastic product x

  8. JulieG

    This is perfect to use for in between washes/grooms. My boy hates me bathing him so this keeps him nice and fresh. So many different scents to choose from. I also use this instead of perfume.

  9. Soniaskye

    Amazing product I spray the dog as well as her bed and last ages xx

  10. Alexandrina Pencheva

    Love the finishing and detangling spray! My yorkie smells gorgeous after I use it ?

  11. Kareen Beckett

    With 3 giant schnauzers matting in “beards, skirts and leggings “ are a potential problem but not with this product. The boys don’t like sprays so I put onto my hands and rub in. Smells gorgeous and does the job well

  12. Linda

    This is a fantastic product. My dogs smell absolutely amazing after I spray them with this. I also use it on their bedding to freshen it up in between washes and it makes the whole room smell lovely. This is one of my most favourite products from Claire.

  13. KellyBoo

    I use this product on my own hair! Spray a small amount onto damp hair and blow dry. Result = soft, shiny, wonderfully scented hair!

  14. Roxi

    For any dog owner especially if males this is a must buy. I slip this into my handbag or pocket when out a walk with the dogs and decide to stop at a cafe or pub, a quick spray with this to freshen the dogs up especially in the nether regions having two males and they smell wonderful. It’s like their own eau de parfum though hubby keeps saying stop buying rhubarb and rose and buy a more manly scent as it’s doing their street cred no good lol. A their fantastic produce from Claire.

  15. Mandeep Chahal

    Ordered this spray over a year ago in powder puff and we loved it. The scent lasted and the smell was beautiful. The Recently re ordered Powder Puff along with another scent Palma Violet but was really disappointed as the scent for powder puff has been changed and doesn’t seem to last no matter how much we use.

  16. helenrobson

    I bought this to use on myself as my hair is super tangled when wet and I am trying to use as few chemicals as possible. Once I have sprayed it and brushed it through gently my hair dries to look smooth and soft. 🙂

  17. Soniaskye

    Use it to freshe up my dog and the sofa too makes smell.amazing and totally safe for all

  18. SebastiansInferno

    Really works this product! Brush goes straight through my setters feathers once I spray this! Plus it makes them smell super nice

  19. Jill Groom

    I have bought alot of sprays to help manage our Mios coat. I will never use another now this spray is incredible used with the oat shampoo it has made his coat soft and easy to groom. We got the coconut which is a lovely subtle smell.

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