HHH Vit E Conditioner

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Conditioner 500ml

A natural and gentle formula conditioner. Available in a range of long lasting scents.

This is a vitamin E based conditioner which works well alongside all of our shampoos

Contains: aqueous chamomile and sage base with vitamin e oil, coconut Ewax, carpapol & T.E.A

Instructions for use: Massage into hair after shampooing, rinse well.


4 reviews for HHH Vit E Conditioner

  1. Roxi

    Swapped over to Herbal Health and Homes shampoo, conditioner and body wash and what can I say it’s all amazing. Had this rash on my back for years which GP had given me numerous creams for but it always remained and was spreading up over my shoulders. Since using Claire’s products it’s disappeared and never returned I can’t believe it must of been something in conventional products that had triggered it. The conditioner leaves my very fine fly away hair looking thicker and don’t need to use products on it daily anymore only if it’s a special occasion. Can highly recommend won’t use anything else now and the scents are amazing a little goes a long way.

  2. jesimaca

    I’ve had so many products from this company, I can’t fault anything I’ve had, I love everything, it all smells so good, just wish my bank allowed for more spending ?

  3. Rebecca seal

    This conditioner has help my sensitive scalp and brought life back into my hair and I love the smell citrus blast so strong and fresh. Loving my new hair
    Rebecca seal

  4. diaryroom

    This is great paired with the sensitive shampoo. Hair is in so much better condition.

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