Infusion Spray

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Infusion Spray

A natural formula spray to use around the home and on soft furnishings, including pet bedding

Contains: Aqua, Chamomile & Coconut Extracts plus our unique blend of scented oils

Use the drop down menu to select your size and scent

Directions: lightly spray as often as required


6 reviews for Infusion Spray

  1. HannahLabLover

    The infusion sprays are lush! You can use it in so many places! Freshen your bedding,clothing,sofas the house,the car the list goes on! Coconut and cherry smell gorgeous!x

  2. Roxi

    Got to love the infusion spray I use it on my cushions, curtains, dog beds, our own bed anywhere in fact to freshen the home up. Leaves a lovely fresh scent and doesn’t have you choking with nasty chemicals wouldn’t use any other freshen up spray about my home now even take it on holiday to freshen up the rooms before we leave and they have said they can’t believe how fresh and clean the place is left.

  3. Annad1973

    It smells so nice that I want to wear it as a perfume! I kid you not. I ordered mulled pear and cranberry. My house smells divine and the best bit is I know my dog and us won’t have any nasty reactions like artificial sprays.
    Top tip – I sprayed a bit on the radiator in the downstairs loo and still this morning it smells delightful in there.

  4. Lynn

    Love spraying the infusion spray, I know its all natural so no worries about my dog having any reaction. Everything and anyone will get sprayed if in my way. Smells amazing.

  5. gemd1309

    I love using these infusion sprays as they are safe to use around my daughter who has chronic lung disease. I use them on fabrics around the house, on my laundry , to freshen up the car or as a perfume . I’ve had so many compliments and it feels great to know they are non toxic .

  6. Teresa Luchesa

    This is the first time I’ve used this product. Feel a lot better knowing my cats’ bedding is safe from chemicals. I must admit I went a bit mad spraying every bit of fabric around the house !!

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