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Loosen up! Devils claw tincture

An excellent natural herbal support for joints, tendons & ligaments

Contains: Aqueous extracts of devils claw root (approx. 40%), liquorice, wild sage, chamomile, mixed berry fruits. organic apple cider vinegar base.

Instructions for use: 1 to 5 full pipettes/mls ( am & pm, plus hourly if needed

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100ml & 500ml supplied with a SCREW CAP only, pipettes can be purchased from our lids and caps section

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8 reviews for Loosen Up Tincture

  1. Lauren

    Bought the Devils Claw for my dog as she has severe arthritis in her back left leg and the results are fab!
    I started her on the vets meds, months ago but she wasn’t getting the best quality of life due to her being ‘doped’ out of her head all the time so decided to go herbal with her medication and i will never look back! She has her full weight on it everyday and even in the mornings at her worst, she is straight out of bed, downstairs and out to the toilet!
    I give her 4 pipettes a day, am to pm plus 2 more now were coming into the colder months. Just a shame you don’t do a bigger bottle 🙂 Love it!

  2. Fiona

    Loosen up tincture is amazing. My staffie Lola is only 5 and has arthritis and cruciate ligament problems. She had been on prescription anti inflammatories and had been taking a homeopathic remedy for 4-5 months but still suffered with stiffness & some limping. After less than a week taking Loosen Up twice (1 pipette each dose) a day she is doing so well, such an improvement in a short time, I wish I had found this months ago. A wonderful natural and gentle remedy that really works!! Can not recommend highly enough, especially for dogs with sensitive tummies/skin both of which Lola has and no problems at all, just fab!

  3. lauriston_ajr@yahoo.com

    I have to admit, I was more than a bit sceptical about using herbal remedies on our 8 year old black Labrador, who has arthritis which flares pretty badly. That said, following a recommendation from a friend, we decided to try Loosen Up! The results have been amazing. Our dog is now completely off the medication prescribed by the vet and has regained her mojo. Thank you :o)

  4. JulieG

    I use this on myself and my Dogs. Any aches or pains I get I use this and it really helps. I use this with my Dogs when they are having any joint pain. Works really well.

  5. Karen

    I’ve been using this for my arthritic dog along with the loosen up powder.
    Works fantastic once in there system.

  6. RobbinsNess

    Have used a few other brands. But this stuff is fantastic. My old rescue cat would hiss every time you moved his back legs for any reason & would hardly move. Now after a week he’s climbing up the back of the sofa , walking over to me when I come in the room & happy to be picked up & cuddled. It’s given him a new lease in life. I am so happy.

  7. Chelsea malcolm

    This stuff really does work!!
    My dog is very stiff in the mornings and after a walk. Now she is pain free and can walk for much longer than ever!

  8. Shannon Treadwell

    This has helped my dog wonders after suffering a partial cruciate ligament tear. We didn’t want to have to have the surgery and this (plus the powders) has helped massively

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