Paws For Applause

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Paws for applause

Soothing Gel for paws and pads.

This nourishing gel can be used on paws and pads that may need a little attention while also providing an additional layer to the paws when applied.

Directions: massage a small amount into your pets paws twice a day or after every walk

Contains: Coconut oil solids, vitamin E oil, oat extract, aqua and tea tree and rosemary oil.

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4 reviews for Paws For Applause

  1. Vanessa

    I ordered this for my dog due to her severe itching and licking of her feet. After just four applications to her pads and between her toes, the redness went down and the licking/itching has subsided. I apply once to twice a day and it’s amazing! So good that I’ve put it onto bald patches on her tummy and red spots in her arm pits. They have also gone down to virtually no spots! This will be in my Herbal cupboard for my pets all the time now. I’ll apply before walks too as think she’s allergic to lots of things, including grass!!! 🙂

  2. Lauren

    Ordered this product for my dog as she began excessively biting/licking her paws and after a week of using it her paws were completely healed! She didn’t seem to like the taste or smell which was really good as she will normally eat anything and I soon noticed that she had stopped the licking altogether 🙂
    After seeing how well it worked I also applied it to her chin where she had a few cuts from play fighting with my other dog. These cuts were also healed after just two days! Brilliant product!

  3. Loola33

    My frenchies paws get really red and irritated. So decided to give this and the paw pad toes a try after a few days of religiously applying the redness was going away. The urge for her to bite her feet wasn’t as intense. She loved getting the products on her feet. Smell great too.

  4. Chelsea malcolm

    This cream really soothes my pups sore, itchy feet. She is definitely licking them a lot less!

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