Pearly Whites Powders

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Pearly whites

For healthy teeth & fresh breath. Our unique herbal blend works together to reduce the acid in saliva which forms plaque. The powder gently removes plaque from the teeth and freshens breath.

Contains: Fucus seaweed, alfalfa and marjoram

Instructions for use: 1 good pinch or 1/5 of a teaspoon added to each feed or drinking water. (this product does not dissolve, if you prefer select our pearly whites tincture

small pack – approx. 300 servings

large pack – approx. 600 servings

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31 reviews for Pearly Whites Powders


    Good product, I mix it in my dogs food and she ends up licking the bowl to get all the herbs and she is fussy eater! Her breath is fresher abd teeth look less stained so far so good. Definitely worth buying x

  2. xjindy

    This is a great alternative to brushing, my poodle won’t let me near him with a toothbrush.. only used for a couple of weeks, but I can see a slight difference already x

  3. xjindy

    Fantastic product with amazing results! … I bought this mainly for my poodle who will not let me put a toothbrush near him, a few of his teeth were almost black, and I was about to take him to the vets to have them cleaned.. I’m so glad I decided to try this first .. 8 weeks of adding this to 2 meals a day & his teeth are white again! Highly recommended!!

  4. Julia

    I love the Herbal pet supplies products, and all the friends and family I have recommended love them too. Could not do without them now. Also the peace of mind that the products are safe and natural is priceless. Thank you claire, looking forward to making my next order

  5. kate.kjw

    It works! My almost 15 year old springer hated hef teethbeing brushed and as a consequence they were in a sorry state. They have improved considerably since adding pearly whites to her food. Wish this had been around when she was a puppy!!!

  6. Karis

    This stuff is amazing! My Frenchie won’t let me near him with a toothbrush so this alternative is a life saver. Only been using it for a week but can tell his breath is fresher and it will keep his teeth clean and sparkly. It really works! Fantastic product, 100% recommend. Thank you 🙂

  7. Kati

    My dogs (and me) LOVE this stuff! I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks and have noticed an improvement with their breath and a small improvement in their overall mouth health.

  8. Daisytom

    100% the best thing I have ever purchased! My staff had the worst breath you could imagine but within a week his teeth are much cleaner and his breath smells heavenly! No more gagging when he tries to lick our faces!

  9. nd.hay.1993

    Love this!! my pups teeth are always nice and white!!

  10. J Price

    What an amazing product?!
    Having 3 rescue dogs brushing teeth is a major job, I have tried many products which claim to freshen breath and clean teeth and I have to say they were all lacking BUT Pearly Whites is in a league of its own. The first thing I noticed was a huge improvement in their breath. Within a couple of weeks old tartar had started to come away and their teeth were definitely cleaner. Worth every penny! Thank you

  11. JulieG

    Really pleased with this, my dogs breath is so much fresher since using this. Their teeth are definitely cleaner. Another fabulous all natural herbal product. Sprinkle over their food and they wolf it down no problem.

  12. Jossyelle

    Been using this for a few months with great results. My girl had a bit of plaque which has all gone and the boys breath was rancid. Both now sparkly and fresh.

  13. tracy ramsay

    Seriously what’s not to like this stuff works x

  14. Ayesha

    My dog is raw fed so doesn’t have horrendous teeth due to eating lots of bone, but I noticed a little discolouring and decided to try this. Highly recommended and have noticed a great improvement and his teeth are gleaming. Better than extortionate and unnecessary vet treatment!

  15. JulieG

    This has definitely improved my girlies teeth and breath, not so much for my boy at the moment but this is due to gut issues which I need to address, but his teeth look cleaner its just his breath that’s still a bit stinky.

  16. girls

    This has worked wonders on my spaniels teeth. She has the same diet as her ‘sister’ but her teeth were a bit grim and her breath could stop a tank at 50 metres. Few weeks on this and her breath and teeth are so much better. I wouldn’t be without this product

  17. Christina Mallaby

    Absolutely fantastic!! I’ve only been using this for a week mixed in with my shih tzu’s food and the difference in her teeth is absolutely amazing, she had a lot of orange/yellow plaque on most of her teeth and it’s nearly gone, her breath smells a lot better too. Definitely be recommending to everyone I know with pets. Thank you your products are amazing

  18. Janice

    I truly wish I’d tried this product months ago. My bichon’s breath and teeth are/were terrible.
    Just one week and the difference is immense.
    I using it with all my 15 girls.
    I’ve no doubt I’ll be back for more.

  19. Christy Davies

    Only been giving Dexter these for 2 weeks, he eats it not problem and has already made a difference to his teeth Thank you

  20. Jet

    I’ve been using these powders from having our puppy at 8 weeks. He’s now two and a half and has beautiful white teeth with no sign of any tartare. A super product!


    Using this for my almost 3 year old cockapoo. He’s raw fed so food Is quite wet. I scoop sprinkled on food every day. Occasionally I use a dental scraper to gently remove softened plaque. Brilliant product and keeps breath fresh.

  22. H. Farmiloe

    We have used these mixed up in the dogs food every day in the beginning now every other day. The vets always comment on how good the dogs teeth are including our elderly dog who would of needed surgery had we not of used these. The vets don’t believe we are only using natural but proofs in the healthy dogs teeth that they always comment on on each visit . ? Thank you for yet another brilliant product x


    Absolutely brilliant my dog teeth have got so much better

  24. Sarah Jones

    Absolutely amazing! My dogs love it so much and the vets have commented on how much better their teeth are! Especially as they hate having their teeth brushed! Fantastic, thank you!


    Love this product! Everyone comments on how white my 5 year old boys teeth are. Has worked wonders removing plaque and keeping them shiny clean. Would highly recommend!

  26. nd.hay.1993

    Have been using the pearly whites powder for years and i love how it keeps my boy’s teeth nice a white! always one i recommend

  27. Jan Ewing

    Excellent product use on both my dogs who won’t entertain tooth brushing and their teeth are looking fabulous


    We’ve been using pearly whites powders for close to 2 years and the vets are very impressed with our 8 year olds teeth and how clean they are for her age. Another amazing product.


    We’ve been using pearly whites powders for close to 2 years and the vets are very impressed with our 8 year olds teeth and how clean they are for her age. Brilliant

  30. Suzyiredale

    This product has worked wonders for my chihuahua – 8 years old and she’s got great teeth and gums since using this. Thank you Herbal Pet Supplies xx

  31. Angel Paddy Sandy

    only been using a couple of weeks and Angels breath is already smelling better and it is something that i can use without it messing with her epilepsy medication thank you so much

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