PH Tonic

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PH tonic 100ml

For PH balance.

Contains: Hibiscus, Petroselinum herb, Fennel, Apium seed, Quassia Tree bark, pre & pro biotics plus enzymes, tinctures of Cranberry with an apple cyder base.

Recommended measures:

Dogs and large animals two teaspoons daily

Cats and smaller animals one teaspoon daily

Give weekly as part of your pets healthy lifestyle.

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8 reviews for PH Tonic

  1. April

    I bought this for my elderly bunny, who is 9. He was weeing all over himself and was not able to keep himself clean. He seemed to be drinking more than usual too. He had also developed 2 bald spots on his bottom. After a week or so treatment of this tonic and silver cream for the bald spots he showed much improvement. He went on to become completely clean and dry and the fur is growing back on the bald spots. He’s a happy bunny again, and so am I!

  2. Linda

    Bought this for Cato, our 3 year old paraplegic dachshund as, due to her condition, she suffers front recurrent uti’s. Cato’s bladder has to be manually expressed several times a day and I can tell if she is ‘brewing’ an infection as she starts to dribble in between. If that starts to happen in give her this product and it sorts it out before it can take hold! Brilliant! Added bonus is that she just LOVED the taste of it! Thank you, Claire

  3. Lisa Orr

    My poor Nala (rottweiller) has had a UTI for a while, the vets gave us antibiotics which only helped so much but soon returned to the point where she was crying having a wee. Started the Tonic on Tuesday after I received my bottle and in 3 days have seen a vast improvement in her she no longer cries and isn’t weeing as much, she seems livelier in herself as well. SO PLEASED with this purchase ordering some more

  4. girls

    Bought this for my rescue dog Ava who had a urinary infection due to sudden incontinence. The infection cleared almost immediately and I now use the maintenance dose and not a single infection since

  5. girls

    Since using this neither of my dogs have had any uti’s and their wee doesn’t burn the grass either !

  6. Pauline

    This worked very quickly on Freya, she was back to her usual bouncy self after a couple of days. She stopped dribbling and licking herself. We both feel much better – me because I don’t have to get up during the night to take her out for a pee! I’d also like to say it was sent to me super quickly. Thank you for another product that works wonders.

  7. Tracyodell

    Great product. Really helped my dog. Fast delivery. Will definitely order more

  8. Hayley

    I used this on myself after about a million UTI’s and it worked a treat. No reoccurrence so far, approx two years clear now.

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