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Power up

For a natural boost. Works well alongside , Bless you spray, Bless you shampoo and Bless You Honey Tincture

Contains: Echinacea, wild thyme, alfalfa, flaxseed, milk thistle seed, brewers yeast, pre and probiotics and digestive enzymes.

Instructions for use: Add 1 teaspoon twice a day to food

very small animals/breed halve the amount shown above, large breeds over 15kg can be given double the amount shown above for the first packet

Herbal Pet Supplies Support Powders and Tonics are 100% natural pet products containing herbal and plant extracts.

All Tonics and Powders contain the RDA of supplements

Our Small Size Powders are one months supply based on two teaspoons daily

Add your pets powders to their food or customers feedback for the most fussy of pets to add to treats such as yogurt, pate or cream cheese

Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of direct sunlight

Herbal Pet Supplies sells 100% natural remedies & grooming pet products. Please feel free to browse the rest of our online pet shop and contact us with any questions.

13 reviews for Power Up Powders

  1. joe

    My boy gets abscesses on his bottom, vets prescribed apoquel which I did not want to use, been using power up for around 3 weeks!
    Seems to be doing the trick, he’s not jumping round and constantly licking that area now which is a massive relief for both me and him, thank you so much for another fab product
    One of many I use 🙂 constantly recommending your stuff, thanks again

  2. Caroline

    Absolutely amazing! My French Bulldogs Billy had terrible environmental allergies. He couldn’t get near the garden, due to the grass. He has had over 40 separate eye ulcers, due to inflamed eye’s and him itching and then licking paws until they bled. He has been on power up for several months now…..not one ulcer! No sore paws and more importantly he is racing around the garden and enjoying the grass! Cannot rate highly enough. His vet bill’s last year were £3000 due to his allergies……this year so far just the usual check ups! Vets are amazed. I am over the moon and Billy gets to play with his sister Aimee in the grass for as long as he wants! Just perfect x

  3. Caroline

    Ps so sorry forgot to complete the stars! Full marks. Love Billy and his humans xx

  4. girls

    Amazing ! My rescue Ava reacts to whatever my local farmers spray in the summer, her fur around her eyes bleed, her eyes are sore and bloodshot. He skin becomes dry and red. Since using this as maintenance every day she has had no more problems at all .

  5. Sarah65535

    Fantastic product. My dog suffers with yeasty and itchy feet, using this powder really calms it down and stops him from licking his paws sore.

  6. Katie Forrester

    So far so good, my dog has allergies and this seems to be doing the trick, really worth the money, wait and see the results you won’t be disappointed.

  7. Shirley

    Amazing product a life safer for my bichon who’s immune system was destroyed from all the vet medication he was given for both environmental and food allergies.The vets gave me no hope for him until I found this product within 2 months his immune system began to get stronger and he could then respond to his allergies with help from other products from this company 3 years on and he is a happy healthy little dog.

  8. Suzyiredale

    After years of vet trips and no improvement this product has changed the life of my colleagues Frenchie. No more itchy skin or inflamed ears…they are so grateful and I am so glad I recommended your products – they really do work x

  9. Leeanne Eaton

    My boy (middle aged spaniel) has a whole host of allergies. He was on antihistamines etc for a while and I thought we’d try something more natural. Within 2 weeks the itching had subsided and he was a happy dog again. My partner was not convinced the powders were the solution, as his allegies do come and go throughout the year, so decided to not give them for a few days at the end of the pack- his skin issues were back within a few days, so power-up really was working. And my boy loves it on his food, so win-win!

  10. AnnaW

    My dog hasn’t licked or chewed his paws since we started using using this. Fantastic product!

  11. Soniaskye

    My dog loves this powder ..helped build her up to help her skin and general well-being.. always have on hand ✋

  12. Soniaskye

    My dog loves this powder ..helped build her up to help her skin and general well-being.. always have on hand to boost her

  13. Hayley

    I’ve always had problems with my westie, constantly locking and biting her paws. So added this to her food and used the soothe ease on her paws and I am no longer sick of the sound of my own voice telling her to stop licking !
    Definitely worth it.

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