Silver Tincture

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Colloidal silver is a liquid solution created using electrolysis to suspend pure, metallic elemental silver (in groups of particles 15 atoms or fewer) attached to simple protein molecules, in distilled water. Silver has been widely used in humans and animals for over a century.

Our easy-to-use oral Silver Tincture contains: 12ppm (parts per million) of silver.

Instructions for use: 1 full pipette into the mouth twice a day

100ml SUPPLIED WITH A SCREW LID – if you require a pipette please purchase separately


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9 reviews for Silver Tincture

  1. TraceyAnn

    My goodness the Silver tincture is ABSOLUTELY AMAZIING!!!!!!!! Thought my little shih tzu boy had some sort of infection as had been shivering for the last couple of days didnt want to use chemical drugs from the vets ordered this and gave him 1 pipette tonight unbelievably hes stopped shivering virtually a half an hour after giving it to him im totally amazed!!!!Hats off to Claire youre amazing with your amazing products!!!!!!!!!xxx thanks so much Trace & Teddy B xxx

  2. Linda

    Cato is a paraplegic 3 year old dachshund. Consequently she suffers from occasional uti’s. Personally I don’t agree with the constant use of antibiotics so I decided to look for an alternative. Claire advised me to try this product and bingo, Cato hasn’t had a uti since!!! Great advice, fast shipping and reasonable prices, what more could you ask for?! Thank you so much, Claire

  3. JulieG

    Love this, another fabulous all natural product. Use it on my family and on my dogs. Brilliant stuff. Always keep in the fridge along with Silver Cream and Silver Spray. Recently used the Silver Tincture on my dog as she was unwell and this sorted her out in a few days. So much better than going to the Vets and her being given nasty chemicals.

  4. tracy ramsay

    Use this again on dogs and humans I my sore throat and after throat surgery and really really helped recovery x


    I will never be with out this now. My 10 year old Springer appeared to have a urine infection. On a walk she would keep tring to wee, passing little dribbles, then seemed to be “leaking” wee, so she back legs were always wet, and her bed. And of course she smelt bad. Due to lock down, getting her to a vet was nighmarish, the Vets I use has 4 offices, 2 of which are closed for the duration. I was asked t o get a sample of her urine…. And get it to them. (Have you ever tried that?)I came across this solution. I put it in her food, 3 times a day. Within 2 days her constant wees on walks stopped, her leaking stopped, and her bed was not wet. And she smells so much better. I’ll keep it up for another 2 days. AND bonus, the sore on her leg has healed up too!

  6. Alexandrina Pencheva

    I use this weekly as described when I feel cold/flu symptoms I take it 3 times a day and everything goes quick! A must have for cold months!

  7. Tracy OConnor

    Feeling a little under the weather and out rolls the silver tincture – puts a pep in your step! ?


    We love this little bottle of gold (silver) in our house. This has healed so many sore throats. Highly recommend it as a must for your first aid medicines.

  9. Jackie Stark

    This is a little miracle in a bottle, woke up yesterday with a terrible sore throat, have been taking this tincture and feel so much better already, I’ve just used it on my son as well so I’m hoping for a quick recovery for him too. I originally bought it for my dog but I think we may use it more than her.

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