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Silver ionic cream

Silver has been used for centuries as a highly effective anti-bacterial solution for both humans and animals. Our silver ionic cream comes in a no mess, super easy-to-apply cream that you can apply directly to an affected area.

Contains: 12ppm (parts per million, of silver).

Recommended application: please use me twice a day! more often if licked or digested

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21 reviews for Silver Cream

  1. Gemma (verified owner)

    excellent all rounder cream, i have applied it to my dogs minor cuts and scrapes and has helped them heal fast and kept away infection. Great texture that is none greasy and soaks in quickly, a lovely light clean fragrance too.

  2. janealisonscott (verified owner)

    Amazing healer. We use it on the whole family including the furries. It has healed my husbands infected sores on his leg in a matter of weeks. Cannot recommend enough.

  3. Dee Mcintyre (verified owner)

    Absolutely LOVE this cream ~ having 13 VERY active dogs , cuts and scrapes happen on our walks. This cream is absolutely fantastic …absorbs quickly and helps the healing process whist keeping infections at bay . 5 stars from me

  4. debydonut (verified owner)

    This silver cream is a must have in your pet supplies medical box! The antibacterial cream clears up Gravies hots spots in just a few days, saving me £50 a time at the vets. No smell, no mess and no awful side effects for the dog. It’s also great for our human cuts and scrapes.

  5. Denise (verified owner)

    Love this! Have used it once on my pups leg and the next morning there was massive improvement, smells gorgeous too, keep opening it just to smell it. Well done! Excellent product!

  6. Claire (verified owner)

    Fantastic cream, will definitely be keeping this in regular stock at home, it’s light and smells fragrant but not overpowering and it packs a punch. My dog’s hot spots, cuts and grazes from scratching have all but gone.

  7. April (verified owner)

    I used this on my bunnys sore bottom, it cleared up the problem and the fur grew back! Hooray!

  8. Karis (verified owner)

    Amazing product! Used this when my Doberman had a nasty hot spot and it cleared it up within a few days, saving me £50 in vet bills! Also my Frenchie randomly came up in a rash all over his underbelly/under arms it was everywhere (allergic reaction) applied this 2 times a day and was gone within 2 days. Can be used for so many different things. Cuts, sores, rashes etc. Would highly recommend. A must have for the pet cupboard!

  9. r.shackcloth (verified owner)

    4 words… MAGIC IN A POT! Best product ive ever used! Good for infected paws, cuts, scratches, wounds even eczema on humans! Any problem just try silver cream quite a good chance it will work

  10. Donna (verified owner)

    Love this cream. Used on my dogs sore leg & it looked loads better after 1 day!
    Also seemed to stop it bothering him

  11. Kati (verified owner)

    My boy has allergies (seasonal/outdoor) and he’s been nibbling on his paws. I apply this on his paws and it helps calm his itching and soothes his paws. Silver is great tool to have on hand for a variety of issues so I originally purchased it for that reason (as a “good to have on hand” item) but have found it helpful for my boys paws. Love that its a cream. The silver I’ve had in the past is more of a liquidy consistency and I LOVE the thicker cream texture. Awesome product!! Oh and it smells AMAZING!!!

  12. Chardos (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing!! My frenchie gets very sore eyes in her crease and this works it’s magic with in a few day of bathing them and using the cream they are back to normal!!
    Even works on my eczema!!!
    So happy I’ve found this ❤️

  13. Avababy (verified owner)

    Amazing and one or my fav products I use this on my dogs sores to the feet and ears where she has scratched and caused wounds I also use this on my children’s cuts etc fabulous product

  14. Sam Leese (verified owner)

    Little pot of magic… I’ll always keep stocked up with the ‘Silver’ range. I would strongly recommend this product!

  15. Karen (verified owner)

    Absolutely love the Silver Cream and Gel. Both have so many uses – cuts, burns, scrapes, rashes, even an ingrown infected toenail was sorted with this. Use on humans and furries – Lana – my Cavalier, loves it and rolls over when I open the pot – great all round cream/gel that replaces so many chemical laden items we previously used

  16. Kelly212 (verified owner)

    Five stars for the silver cream from me! Works wonders on my very painful,hot and itchy hives! I wouldn’t be without it now, not with my chronic urticaria. Brought another for my son’s nappy rash worked a treat!

  17. JulieG (verified owner)

    This really is ‘miracle in a jar’. I use it on so many things for myself and my dogs. Rashes, burns, cuts, grazes, hot spots, cold sores and so much more. It works so well on everything you put it on. My husband laughs at me, whenever he says he has a burn, itch, scratch etc my answer is ‘put silver cream on it’ 😂😂 It’s brilliant, keep it in the fridge to keep it cool.

  18. Lillypaws (verified owner)

    Fantastic product and a first aid must have. I use the silver cream for everything from dry, cracked skin to cuts and grazes for both me and my dog.
    We’ve found that silver cream has helped keep the wounds clean whilst also promoting healing. My diabetic parents also use it for their hands and feet etc.

  19. Jossyelle (verified owner)

    Amazing product, I use it for everything. Loki has allergies and it helps clear up the hot spots quickly. I have rough skin on my elbow, tried everything you can think of. Nothing worked ….silver cream does. No more rough skin. A must for your first aid box!

  20. tracy ramsay (verified owner)

    Loveeee this cream helped my excema so much and cuts itchy spots anything it’s fantastic xx

  21. ttfan1978 (verified owner)

    I’m a massive fan in silver cream- I have used this for sunburn, insect bites and as a general moisturiser.

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