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My struggle with Lyme disease has helped me realise the power of natural treatments. If it works for humans, it’ll work for our pets. Our best friend deserves to live the happiest life that they can.

Our products will aid in the development and health of your pet. From fur & coat to gut health, our products will help them to live their best life. Show your pet how much you love them and make them feel pampered. 

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Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to create the highest quality products possible, to enable you to care for your pets in the most natural and holistic way. We intend to grow this principle further, by adding more products to our range for your furry friends and giving you the peace of mind that you deserve.

Our Values

We are committed to offering you the option to care for your pets in the most natural way possible, Our products are plant-based and made in the UK. All ingredients are derived from plants and herbs of the highest quality. Our aim is to assist you in providing a healthier lifestyle for your pet.


Real Pets, Real Stories

“Oh my, thank you again! My girl cut her paw on Saturday, being a working dog it was extra worrying as she’s just had three weeks off and now she’s injured. But I got my hands on some colloidal silver and within 24 hours the difference is remarkable. Thank”
Maria Burton
“I use all of herbals pet range, the pearly whites is a fave keeps my doggie breath smelling fantastic and the shampoo is great on her fur…and the no more bits drops is fantastic fleas have been kept away and tummy tincture is fab no more nasties for my”
Sonia Tracey Smith
“Ordered lots of products from Pearly Whites which keeps her breath fresh and teeth clean! Ear cleaner, no more bites spray and shampoo! Her coat is soft and shiny and she smells good Her ears are squeaky clean too!”
Alison Page
“I just want to say thank you! My dogs ears were becoming quite bad with his skin allergies and I really didn’t want him to be on more steroids or antibiotics. I used your ‘Ear Ya Go Drops’ and honestly, the next day I saw a huge difference, I’ve”
Kristy Richardson
“Well after posting this picture of a eye thingy my boy had its only blumming gone after using the bespoke eye ulcer cream for just a couple of weeks. I have to have him looking his most handsome and doesn’t he look pleased, showing off his best ears thank you”
Natalie Penny
“Fantastic service, delivery arrived on time and the products are great. I love the No Rinse Foam Shampoo, it’s like a dry shampoo for pets. My dog Leo hates bath time but this has been a game changer, he smells great and he’s so much happier using this than”
Luke Kilgour

Our Experience

In the past nine years, we have accumulated a lot of knowledge about all things herbal and healthy lifestyles. We want to share this journey with you and your pets.


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      Claires Lyme Disease Journey

      I am very passionate about my business, assisting  thousands of animals, pets and people without the use of drugs and man made chemicals ,  I spend the large amount of my time  talking to people about the health and wellbeing of their pets and themselves, passing on the 10 years of knowledge i have gained whilst fighting Lyme Disease and numerous co-infections

      I thought I would share with you my story on how I treated  Lyme disease without the use of pharmaceutical drugs ,I have come a long way in the last 10 years, at one point I thought my life had ended, now I realise I experienced the horrors of Lyme, to gain knowledge to help others

      Here is my story:

      I woke up one morning in November 09 and couldn’t move my neck, I just assumed I had slept in a strange position, little did I know this was the downward spiral of Lyme disease taking effect on my body, my whole being started to ache, at that time I believed in my GP and the medical profession, they were insistent i had a fibromyalgia type illness and would be crippled with RA at some stage… I was given anti inflammatory medication, steroid injections and a chemotherapy drug called methotrexate, I thought I was dying, something told me they had it wrong, 10 months later I researched alternative therapies, I had to find a way to get better , my homeopath who I truly believed saved my life, I literally crawled into her office in such a state I could hardly function, she hooked me up to biores machine and there we found Borella bacteria present in my nervous system, this explained my loss of memory, stuttering and slurring of words , I was also severely deficient in magnesium , Lyme depletes your vitamins and minerals, so then we began the clearing of Lyme or so we thought, I was doing well, then relapsed , so it was back to the drawing board. at this point I could not dress myself, lift my arms or legs , I couldn’t get into shower or bath or wash my hair, my daughter who was 6 at the time was dressing me, I wanted to die, we then found out that Borella covers its self in biofilm when invaded by medication or treatments, so a new protocol was started where I took biofilm breakers, and I have not looked back, it took me about 4 months to clear the bacteria, each week, each month I grew stronger, In December2012 I was able to join the gym and slowly work on regaining my strength, it was a long hard road but the belief and the love for my children got me back to health. I am now running a successful business and life is very good, but I will never ever forget the 2 half years of my life that Lyme destroyed, My mission now is to help others, with my guidance and experience it has become very rewarding part of my career

      if anyone thinks they may have Lyme Disease and are struggling with a diagnosis and treatment, please send over an email, we will provide you with the details on the clinic we recommend for testing and treatments

      Lots of Herbal Love

      Claire, and of course big kisses from the “boss” our gorgeous Riley

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