Bless You Spray

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a natural herbal no rinse wash

A gentle  herbal no rinse body wash for pets , removes dust & particles from the skin & coat(this product works well alongside the Power up Support Powders & Bless You Honey Tincture).

DIRECTIONS: Massage over your pet’s coat twice a day, with hand, sponge or cloth, no need to rinse, contains: ionic silver & gold, coconut surfactant, essential oils of coconut & sweet melon

250ml bottle supplied with a spray top

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6 reviews for Bless You Spray

  1. Ira (verified owner)

    Fantastic! So happy with this, my dog no longer rubs or licks or scratch himself. Could not believe how quick it started to work, after walks in the park or time spent in the garden he always come back itching but since using allergy ease absolutely nothing, not a itch or scratch or excessive licking.
    Easy to apply, quick drying and effective.
    Thanks xx

  2. Gemma (verified owner)

    my dog suffers terribly with dust, pollen and grass allergies, especially in the summer months, massaging this into his coat and paws then brushing through when he is particularly suffering eases his discomfort dramatically. i will always have this in the cupboard now, we cant live without it!

  3. Adrienne (verified owner)

    I used this allergy ease on my frenchies feet and it has so far stopped her itching. She always licks and bites them rather harshly! She is allergic to mites and grass so when we come home from our walks I always run it into her paws. Smells amazing as well!! I think Elsie licks her feet afterwards because she like the taste as well 😀 great product, I use in conjunction with the silver cream! VERY VERY impressed. Thank you!!

  4. Kati (verified owner)

    This stuff smells AMAZING!!!! I don’t like strong scents and this is SO wonderful! My dogs have seasonal allergies and I give them a quick wipe down with this and it helps to calm their itchiness. Truly a lovely product!

  5. Jossyelle (verified owner)

    Loki has allergies, I bought this to control them. It works. He has recently started immunotherapy, but still has flare ups, My VET has advised me to carry on using and is amazed at how well it works. He’s impressed and it saves having to go on antibiotics. win win!

  6. JulieG (verified owner)

    I have a dog with environmental allergies and I have always wanted to try to treat as natural as possible without pumping him full of chemicals. This wash is so very gentle and only has a light smell to it. It really helps stop him from itching. Easy to apply. absorbs really quick and all natural ingredients.

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