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Chill drops 100ml & 500ml

A natural alternative to help calm stressed, anxious or hyper pets.

Contains: Valerian root, hoodwort, camomile, wild sage in a base of organic red wine vinegar

Instructions for use: Give 1 to 5 FULL pipettes up to hourly if needed (guide: 1 to 5 pipettes morning & evening , or hourly if required). Can be given on a long term basis.

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100ml pipette bottle/500ml screw top with a 100ml decant labelled bottle

17 reviews for Chill Drops

  1. Jennifer (verified owner)

    This product has been amazing to us with all the fireworks around November. Our mini schnauzer hates them but a few pipettes of this and he sleeps all the way through them. He will still wakes on a loud bang but there is no shaking or fear. Highly recommend this product!

  2. Lucy (verified owner)

    Really helped my mini schnauzer with her nerves over bonfire week.
    I gave it to all of them when it was really loud. And I’m continuing to use it for my nervous girl. Really helps.

  3. (verified owner)

    Fantastic product really helpped my 7 year old Jack Russell Terrier during bonfire night. After 6 years of searching I have found a product that helps him. Thank you so much. Fast delivery and very informative info. Can’t thank you enough xx

  4. jjdrybread (verified owner)

    This product is amazing! My dog has a severe case of separation anxiety and fear of the kennel, with this he is doing so much better. This calms him enough that he can finally relax which he has rarely done since he became paralyzed 6 months ago. Thank you so much!

  5. Shannon (verified owner)

    This product is absolutely amazing!! We have a very excitable and hyper Staffordshire Bull Terrier so we give him some chill drops when we know someone’s visiting the house, and this product calms him right down. He’s terrified of the fireworks as well and it’s helped massively with calming him down when he’s put in that situation as well. Highly recommend

  6. r.shackcloth (verified owner)

    Bought a bottle of chill drops, used them for the dogs for fireworks and they worked a treat, just bought a new bottle and used it today for my girl whilst we drove to Edinburgh. I was extremely nervous cause she cant even normally go 10 mins without being sick. I just gave her 1 pipette every half an hour. I started an hour before the journey and then during. Worked an absolute treat no sickness, no slavering, shaking, wining or anything else. I am amazed! Felt great to go out as a family instead of one of us having to stay behind at home with the dogs.

  7. lottie lou (verified owner)

    I have always been a bit sceptical about herbal products, both for myself and my pets. I have a very anxious 13 year old spaniel who is gun shy, hates fireworks, thunder and even someone clapping their hands. I bought the chill drops on the recommendation of a friend, the best purchase I’ve ever made!! There was a big firework display here last night so I gave him a dose an hour before it started and another dose 5 minutes before it started. He was that calm he even went out for a wee with all the flashing and banging going on and he was flat out snoring his head off well before they finished, instead of making his paws bleed by trying to dig the floor up. VERY highly recommended!!

  8. Christine little (verified owner)

    Wow, brought this product and wasn’t sure if it would work but OMG it is amazing. Have given it to both my dogs who hate fire works and get stressed, they have been sleeping like babies, completely calm and not a care in the world. Fantastic product, can’t wait for you to get back from your holiday as have a big shopping list!!

  9. Claire Lyons

    thank you so much for your feedback, we are now back from vacation!!

  10. Sam Leese (verified owner)

    AMAZING! That’s all I can say… it’s really helped my pooches & myself! Definitely a product that I will keep stocked up in my house. Thank you Claire, I don’t know what we’d do without them.

  11. nd.hay.1993 (verified owner)

    Love the Chill Drops! They really help my pup (who is always full of beans) calm down at bedtime! looking forward to using these in firework session!!

  12. Bethgsd (verified owner)

    From having a GSD who is usually terrified of fireworks and pants and panics when there is any going off , this bonfire night she had two doses of chill drops and slept calmly all evening ! Unfortunately she had been away till late afternoon so I was unable to begin the drops earlier , defo a five star review from us !!!

  13. JulieG (verified owner)

    This works for so many things. All natural product and no nasty chemicals. I use this for when I’m a bit stressed, use it to get me through job interviews and any other time I get nervous, also when I need a bit of help sleeping at night (along with the tea). I give this to my Dogs to keep them clam during Firework season and it works like a charm. Keeps them really calm. Always have a bottle of this in the fridge. Would highly recommend

  14. Jossyelle (verified owner)

    I first purchased this for my very anxious Airedale, Izzy. She started to get extreme anxiety when her big sister died. We tried everything you can think of, all the usual herbal remedies and I mean all of them!
    After giving her her first dose, I managed to walk her around her usual walk, which she had refused to go on for about a year, stopping, crying and turning back. She went all the way with no worries.
    Can’t recommend it enough. Also calms my other dale Loki whose a bundle of energy and reactive on lead.
    If you have an anxious dog get some!

  15. Ayesha (verified owner)

    My malamute is a pretty chilled (lazy) dog 99% of the time, but during fireworks he’s a quivering wreck. Been using these for a couple of years and honestly the difference is unbelievable. 3-5 pipettes an hour and he’s a different dog, no fear and pacing! Thanks for such an amazing product

  16. girls (verified owner)

    These drops are simply magic in a bottle. I use them to calm my dogs around fireworks, before visits to the groomers or vets, if my spaniel has overdone the exercise a bit and needs to rest…. not easy with a spaniel. Or if we have people visiting they dont know, i give them to my nervous rescue and she actually relaxes enough to enjoy our guests. They are so relaxed after they’ve had these I now have to have another bottle on the way once I only have 1 unopened in the fridge. An essential for any pet owner. But one warning … they may leave you with such relaxed pets you are at a loss what to do with yourself!

  17. Samantha Iredale (verified owner)

    Feels like I’d tried everything to get my dog to relax when fireworks were going off and nothing worked. He was shaking uncontrollably, panting, lodging himself behind furniture… just awful.
    Decided to try these this year as the fireworks had been going off every day for weeks and the results are incredible. He’s unfazed, relaxed, no cares in the world. And what’s even better is since I’ve been giving him the drops, on days he hasn’t had them and hears small, far off fireworks that used to set him off, they don’t any more. It’s like he’s been reconditioned to not be as scared. Honestly amazing stuff.

  18. Soniaskye (verified owner)

    Fantastic stuff really helped my mums dog with fireworks night and keep my dog calm wen having a stressed day xx

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