Motion Potion

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Motion Potion 100ml

Relaxing, calming & settling

Ginger root, valerian root and camomile tincture to calm pets whilst travelling

Give 1 to 5 pipettes into mouth or food 20minutes before travelling, can be given hourly if required.

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1 review for Motion Potion

  1. Pauline

    Fantastic. I tried all sorts to alleviate Freya’s car sickness to no avail. She has not been sick in the car since I used this. She even stands at the door with a waggy tail, though she does hide when she sees the bottle. It’s not the taste she doesn’t like, just that she quickly learnt that it means a trip in the car and we haven’t got to the stage yet when she is happy about that. When we do I will return and give it 5 stars!

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